REET Exam 2020 latest news in hindi

REET Exam 2020 latest news in hindi

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REET 2020 new vacancy | REET level 2 latest news | REET news from Upen Yadav reet News

REET Exam 2020 latest news in hindi

REET Exam 2020 latest news in hindi 1
REET Exam 2020 latest news in hindi

The government has announced the Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Test (REET). The exam will be held on 2 August. This time, more than 13 lakh candidates can participate in this examination. Due to this, 7,49,992 certificates will expire on 31 July and 4 August this year, which were issued in 2011 and 2012. During this time the validity period of REET credentials was fixed at 7 years. The 2011 certificate period was considered from 2013 due to revised results. At the same time, the validity of 3,18,067 certificates of 2017 will end in April next year. At the same time, 1,93,199 certificates of 2015 have been canceled in May last year. In 2015 and 2017, the validity of the writ certificate was reduced to 3 years. At present, there are 12,61,258 re-art qualified in the state. Out of the 12.61 lakh re-art certificate in the state, the validity of 1.93 lakh in 2015 has expired in 2019.

reet passing marks court case status news 2020 today update
reet passing marks court case status news 2020 today update

1.59 lakhs got jobs so far : REET Exam 2020 latest news in hindi
Rit-Artet has occurred four times so far. Of these, 1261258 certificates were issued. About 159000 jobs have been taken from these certificates. For this reason, there are 1102258 certificate holders in the state, who are not employed and whose certificates will need new certificates for the job after the validity period ends.

Understand the marks of record applications of eligibility certificates – Mathematics The validity period of 193199 certificates of Reit 2015 has ended last year.
This year 31 thousand third grade teacher recruitment The REET held in 2017 had 9 lakh candidates. This time the total of both levels can go beyond 13 lakhs. Because whose credentials are running out of validity. They will all sit again to get the certificate. Along with this, about 2.5 lakh new B.Ed. and BSTC degree holders will also try their luck to get the certificate of REIT. The government will recruit 31 thousand third grade teachers this year. Everyone would like to come to the race.

Validity of 749992 certificates of Artet 2011 and Artet 2012 ends in August this year

There may be 13 lakh candidates in the Reit to be held on August 2, in 2017 there were 9 lakh The validity period of 318067 certificates of REIT 2017 will end in April 2021
Syllabus will be decided in 15 days
Giving a New Year gift to the unemployed, the government has already announced the organization of Reit on August 2. Now work is on to determine its syllabus. The syllabus will be decided in the next 15 days. After this the process of organizing the Reit will be started. – Govind Singh Dotasara, Education Minister

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